Monthly Archives: April 2021

Seminar: Ali R. Chaudhary – Boundary-Making

  Link to online seminar below   Title: Ascriptive Categories and Boundary-Making in Everyday Life   Abstract: Sociologists have amassed a wealth of scholarship on group-level inequalities across many dimensions of social life. In the United States, ascriptive status markers such as race, ethnicity, and nationality operate as social categories which are stratified in accordance…

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Seminar: Pomme van de Weerd – Ethnic self-categorization

Link to online seminar below   Title: Ethnic self-categorization: A sign of (un)belonging or an interactional phenomenon?   Abstract: Many second and third generation descendants of immigrants in the Netherlands refer to themselves as Marokkaan “Moroccan,” Turk “Turk,” or buitenlander “foreigner” rather than as Nederlander “Dutch person,” despite being the second generation to be born…

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